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About the Display Garden

The Display Garden on Suncrest is a nearly hidden gem nestled in the hills on the grounds of the Lapeer County Medical Care Facility. It consists of slightly more than one acre of land and contains sixteen different garden beds. Each bed demonstrates an individual focus based upon purpose, plant types or seasonal interest. It is maintained by thirty-five volunteer Master Gardeners and is open to the public from dawn to dusk every day.

The Garden is visited by many different individuals for a variety of reasons. Residents and their families from the Lapeer County Medical Care Facility watch with interest as the garden awakens in spring and make frequent visits to track the growth and bloom of the plants throughout the season. For many who once had gardens of their own, this garden offers the pleasures and beauties that they remember from home.

The garden also offers a variety of learning experiences for the children who attend the onsite daycare at the facility. Classrooms from nearby public schools visit the garden on educational field trips. Photographers often stop by to catch their favorite blooms through the lens. Others come to take pictures of family and friends on significant occasions with the garden scenery as backdrop for their photos. Art classes and local artists often visit to paint the beauty of the garden beds.

Come visit the Display Garden on Suncrest! You will experience the beauty and sweet scents of the flowers, cheerful bird song and the quiet peace that pervades the garden. Perchance you will hear the laughter of the children from the daycare on one of their frequent visits. The Garden is a peaceful and beautiful Eden. It is also a place of healing providing calming, meditative walks for residents of the medical facility. For the children, it is a place of active, fun-filled learning. Young and old alike are guaranteed to relish the visit and return again and again.

When you visit, please take a moment to sign the guest book located in a plastic sleeve on the south wall of the pavilion.

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